This page contains brief narratives for each photo series.


I’m a light sleeper. I often find myself wandering, searching for a little peace and a stretch of sleep.

Coffee Shop Hours

I spend time in coffee shops writing, reading, working, and generally whiling away the hours.

In a Lonely Place

Is there a difference between being alone and being lonely? There are places and moments where both exist.

American Ghost Town

There are elements of the ghost town all around us.


Their purposes vary. They keep some outside and others inside. They serve to protect and to exclude.

Depression Treatments

Professionals advocate traditional treatments.  The afflicted often cope using different means.

Apartment Shots

Some moments of the world occurring outside my apartment.

Bar Shots

Taking a shot at the bar is a matter of perspective.

The Payphone

The payphone is an endangered species of technology. Their remains can be found in various locations. Sightings of functional payphones are rare.

Old Glory

I am interested in how the American flag is displayed.

Neighborhood Safari

The animals that roam my neighborhood aren’t big game or exotic, but they have character.

Vagabond Shots

Some shots don’t have a home.  These are the vagabonds.

Bus Stops

Moments people spend waiting for the bus to arrive.

Racing Days

Candid moments taken while attending the sport of kings.

Duckies by the Dozen

The adventures of a dozen thrift shop rubber duckies.

Bumper Stickers

Self expression on a decal.

Alternate Realities

Call it cosplay.  Call it reenactment. Call it dress up.  Call it whatever you want.  I admire individuals who inhabit alternate realities.

Saint Raymond 360/365

Saint Raymond Cathedral is a neighborhood church. I decided to document it everyday from multiple angles.

Road Shots

Views from various commutes and travels.

Mini City Shots

Small scale street photography.

Being Watched

At the other end of the lens in a world of surveillance.


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