Tips for Better Photos

  1. Get up close and personal.
    • Zoom in.  Your goal is to fill the picture area with the subject.
  2. Be off center.
    • Move your  subject away from the middle.  Simple but effective.
  3. Know your range.
    • Avoid dark pictures.  Get to know your flash range.
  4. Lock the focus.
    • Center the subject where you want it.  Lock the focus.
  5. Look  them in the eyes.
    • Hold the camera at your subject’s eye level.  Get personal.
  6. Use flash outdoors.
    • Bright sun creates deep shadows.  Eliminate them by using flash.
  7. Watch the light.
    • For the best light, move yourself or the subject.
  8. Use a plan background.
    • Make your subject-and only your subject-the center of attention.
  9. Go vertical.
    • Turn the camera sideways.  Challenge yourself.
  10. Get creative.
    • Don’t just take a picture.  Create a picture.  Direct the shot.


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