“Barriers to Seeing”

  1. The need to conform, to win approval, to be a member of the group-inability to disagree, to be unpopular, to stand alone.
  2. Over respect for authority, for the great man.  Becoming only a disciple, a loyal follower, ultimately a stooge, unable to be independent, unable to affirm one’s self.
  3. The ability to be only active, dominant, masterful, controlling, in charge, “masculine,” and the inability to be also noncontrolling, noninterfering, receptive.
  4. Under respect for authority. The need to fight authority.  The inability to learn from one’s elders or teachers.
  5. Knowledge and truth may be feared, and therefore avoided or distorted for many reasons.
  6. Rubricizing i.e. pathological categorizing as a flight from concrete experiencing and cognizing.
  7. Intolerance of ambiguity: the inability to be comfortable with the vague, the mysterious, the not yet fully known.
  8. Dichotomizing compulsively; two valued orientation; either or; black or white.
  9. The need for novelty and the devaluation of the familiar.  The inability to perceive a miracle if it is repeated one hundred times.

-Philippe L. Gross-

The Tao of Photography


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