Voodoo Shooter’s Guide to Photography

Rule #1 Prior preparation prevents poor pictures.
• study the craft of photography
• brainstorm, research, and visualize
• know your gear (read the f@#king manual)

Rule #2 Simplify your kit.
• carry what you need
• use what you carry

Rule #3 What’s in the frame?
• focal length
• aperture
• shutter speed
• white balance
• depth of field

Rule #4 Develop your style.
• study the art of photography
• a photograph is more than a “witness”-it should create feeling
• a photograph is subjective but it should not manipulate
• the reality of a photograph should stand alone
• a photograph should make the viewer conscious of how he/she sees (or does not see) the world

Rule #5 Make photography part of your everyday life.
• publish and present you photographs
• try to see in terms of the viewfinder



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